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The Harmful Effects of Medication – Hormone Treatments and “Magic Anti-Aging Pills” May Not Be the Answer to Getting Old

Here at Dr. Life’s office, we have seen countless people seemingly defy the laws of time and return to their more youthful, vibrant selves. We have seen how powerful anti-aging medicine can be when used correctly. Unfortunately, not all anti-aging

Getting Old Part 2: How Does Aging Affect Your Overall Body Health, Sexual Function, and Zest for Life.

At Dr. Life’s Office we have helped many people take control of their aging process. In this article we are going to go over some of the common changes which can occur in the human body while it is aging.

Getting Old Part One: How Does Aging Affect Your Hormones, Body Appearance, and Energy Levels?

Aging is an undeniable force of nature. As you grow older, your body can go through many changes in physical constitution. Your energy output, hormone levels, and even facial features can alter markedly during the aging process. In this post