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The Hidden Type of Consumption Disorder

All you have to do is watch an hour of TV to see the many forms of advertising related to selling food. These ads promote processed items that are often imbued with excess amounts of sugar, sodium, fat, and other

The Effect of Certain Types of Drugs on Weight Loss

Can one little pill impact your weight? It sure can. If you are taking any substances, whether illicitly or by prescription, it can have a major impact on your body, including your weight. Psychotropic Drugs By their nature, psychotropic drugs

How Eating Clean Can Help Manage Your Blood Sugar

High blood sugar, also known as Hyperglycemia, is extremely dangerous to your health, in both the short and long term. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help your body maintain appropriate levels of blood sugar, so you can live a

What to Eat Instead and Why

If you have been looking and feeling old, sluggish, and out of shape, take a minute to assess the food you’ve been eating. Chances are, you haven’t been making the healthiest choices when it comes to your daily meals and

Have you discovered the answer to getting old?

Here at Dr. Life’s office we have seen many of our clients seemingly defy the laws of time and return to their more vibrant, youthful selves. We have seen how effective anti-aging medicine can be when used correctly. In this