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3 Important Steps to Getting Healthy after 60

Getting Healthy After 60: 3 Important Steps to get started

Are you living your “golden years”?  Have you realized that there’s so much potential yet-to-be in your life and want to make these your BEST years?  That’s a GREAT way to start improving your health and beginning to live in

Hormone Replacement… is it for you?

You’ve probably heard talk around here at about hormones and their huge importance within the subject of #optimalhealth.  Good news!  If your hormone levels aren’t where they should be, there are hormone replacement options available! But what exactly does

Heart Healthy Habits

Eating Right The fuel that you put into your heart healthy regime is SO important!  Make sure that your heart is receiving all it needs for #optimalhealth!! Here are 8 steps to prevent heart disease through nutrition and healthy eating.

Six steps for Improving Your Nutritional Health

Eating right not only helps with weight loss, but it also improves your overall functionality in daily living and exercise.  Food is your body’s fuel, and just like a vehicle, if you put the wrong kind of fuel in, performance

Ways to Connect

Making decisions for personal health and wellbeing are so important, and part of that decision is to involve a qualified and knowledgable physician in your journey. Are you looking for advice or help with your #optimalhealth plans?  Do you wish

7 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

When it comes to living with #optimalhealth and making changes to your own lifestyle in order to reach that place, there are often some goals you need to set for yourself! Setting goals is one of the primary steps to

Workout Tips for Healthy Living and Moving

We talked before on about choosing a workout routine and the importance of this in order to achieve #optimalhealth. Today we wanted to pass along some great tips and information on workouts that we’ve been finding around the web. Please remember

4 Things to do Before You Start an Exercise Routine

Exercise is one of the main keys to optimal health and healthy aging!  Your body is designed to move and be active and will not function properly if allowed to remain dormant.  Make time for it every day!  Heart health,

Life as a Dr. Life Patient

Do you have questions about being a Dr. Life patient?  Perhaps you are thinking about giving us a call and investing in your personal healh by speaking personally with Dr. Life.  Do you ever wonder what your results might look

Healthy choices include your mind

Getting healthy is a process through which we must continually move and improve.  Sometimes it’s a matter of eating clean or checking on your hormone levels.  Making wise choices in your meal preparation and breakfast choices will enhance your overall health

Healthy living interviews with Dr. Life

We have welcomed many new friends here to in the past few months, so here are some opportunities to hear a little bit more from Dr. Life himself and learn about the many benefits of being a Dr. Life