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Technology is Your Friend!

Are you a smart-phone user?  Do you enjoy occasional books on an e-reader?  Maybe you’ve even ventured into the world of Facebook?  (We hope so!  Visit us there!) Here are our top 10 picks for websites and apps that can

Food Series: Dinner Delights

Today we continue our Food Series here at  Eating is fuel for your #optimalhealth!  Make great decisions and choose quality ingredients so you are getting the highest nutritional content for you intake.  Here are some of our favorites for

Find out the top four benefits of anti-aging. You can experience them for yourself as a Dr. Life patient or Life Club member.

Mental Health through Self-Care as a Priority

Our health is so wholistic.  There are many, many aspects and facets to our lives and all of them intertwine, intersect into a beautiful rhythm that becomes our day to day.  One huge, and often overlooked, portion of #optimalhealth is

Genomics: Two Important Aspects

As Dr. Life begins intesifying his work with human potential medicine through the Apeiron Center, there are many important aspects of genomics we want to share with you!  This is such an exciting and rapidly expanding field and the Apeiron

Food Series: Healthy Lunches

If you thought fitting in beneficial breakfasts were tricky, how about getting a healthy lunch prepped and ready to take to work?! For many of us, that is not only a challenge, but we’re lost on WHAT to prep ahead

Body for Life

Did you know that Dr. Jeffry Life’s journey to #optimalhealth began with a contest?  That’s right!  Nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Life began his incredible transformation from a fairly typical 50-something man who was dealing with an expanding waistline, slow

Dr. Life Welcomes Apeiron

There are exciting things happening in the health optimization field, and we want to share them with you here at Today we are introducing you to  Dr. Dan Stickler and his organization, Apeiron, based in Asheville, North Carolina.  Apeiron

Food Series – Breakfast on the Go

We’re going to be discussing some great ideas for healthy eating and share our favorite resources and recipes for this #optimalhealth goal.  Today, we’re going to be giving you some great ideas and tips for healthy breakfasts on the go.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Stickler of the Apeiron Center

As we’ve recently announced in the Dr. Life newsletter, Dr. Life has joined forces with The Apeiron Center for Human Potential as part of the team that will take human potential medicine into the future. Listen to this interview on