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Your Life Plan from Dr. Life

What if someone told you that you could have a tailor-made, uniquely designed plan for your life, fitness, and healthy aging process?  Well, those are exactly the goals that Dr. Life has for his patients!  We wanted to focus a

Gym Workout Tips

Are you a member of a gym?  Do you need some inspiration or advice on what to do, where to begin, where to focus?  Look no further!  We have 5 incredible tips for you today on how to make the

Lean, Mean, Protein

We’ve been talking a lot about lean protein and using them appropriately in an #optimalhealth diet.  There’s a lot of information in this 5 minute informational video, but we are confident that it will be helpful for you to understand and

The Apeiron Center – Informational Resources

As Dr. Life has joined the staff of The Apeiron Center and is seeking to enhance the resources and opportunities for his clients, we want to continue to highlight the incredible opportunities available through this model of human potential medicine.

Exercise after 50… what’s the big deal?

We know that there are many components to #optimalhealth and increasing our quality of life as we age.  Here at Dr. Life, we’ve talked about components such as nutrition, healthy eating, heart health, improving one’s mental health, rest, and many

Resources for #optimalhealth from Dr. Life

You already know about Dr. Life’s incredible transformation story!  Do you know about all the great resources Dr. Life has available for his clients?  Here’s just a few that you can check out and dig into as you move forward

Food Series: Lean Protein for Breakfast

Protein is an essential element of your #optimalhealth diet!  Recently, we discussed lean protein and the benefits and options to include it in your daily nutrition regimen.  Today, we want to focus on some of our favorite lean protein breakfast

Apeiron – 7 Foundational Aspects of Health

We’ve talked a lot at about how your health has more to do with the whole of your person, body, mind, and soul than with just a good exercise routine.  This knowledge and belief is one of the reasons

Safe and Effective Workouts

Are you looking to improve or change up your workout routine?  Perhaps you’re concerned about doing it safely and effectively? We always recommend that you consult your physician before beginning a new workout!  Below you’ll find some great workout routines

Food Series: Lean Protein

Protein is such a vital part of our nutritional needs and #optimalhealth.  But is just any protein the best?  Lean protein is suggested to improve the nutritional benefits in our diet and we’d like to give you some tips and information

Dr. Life and Life Extension Magazine

Many of you have heard the incredible story of Dr. Life’s transformation from a middle-aged doctor at an unhealthy place to the 1998 Body for Life champion.  Here is a great article from Life Extension Magazine about his story and

Food Series: Tasty Treats

Are you loving these incredible food ideas?  We sure are!  #optimalhealth is about making good choices, little changes that add up to big ones.  And let’s be honest, without a little “wiggle room”, any life change towards #optimalhealth is only