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Still Smoke? Here’s help!

For those of us who are part of an older generation, we might still be hanging on to mindsets and habits that aren’t healthy anymore.  One of those issues that plagues our generation is a continuation of a smoking habit.

Find out the top four benefits of anti-aging. You can experience them for yourself as a Dr. Life patient or Life Club member.

Ideas for Meditation

As Dr. Life continues forward in his partnership with The Apeiron Center, we wanted to bring you some of their incredible resources and information. One of the biggest things we understand here at is that your #optimalhealth incorporates ALL

Benefits Series – Kale

There are SO many options out there of things to try, things to eat, ways to exercise, activities to pursue.  You have limited time, and frankly, you don’t want to waste it!  We’re going to explore some of these options

Bullet Journal for Health – 3 important lists

Have you heard of bullet journaling?  If you’re a paper and pen person who likes lists, you really ought to check this out!  There are so many things you can do with a bullet journal to not only organize your

Affording the Gym – 5 great tips

While there are a lot of great ideas for working out at home, exercise in the great outdoors, or even getting in some calorie-burn with the grandkids, many of us still prefer to set aside time and invest in a

Need Some Inspiration? Here are 3 incredible stories…

Meet 90-year-old Bette Calman.  She was an active yoga teacher, teaching 11 classes a day, until age 87 and now works with her great-grandson in the yoga industry.  Her words of wisdom?  She told “She feels that a person’s

Get Your Smoothie On!

Do you struggle to get all your nutrition in during the day?  Perhaps you have a busy lifestyle or work schedule.  Maybe, you just don’t LIKE all those “green things” that you need to be eating!  Well, try a smoothie!!!!

Try these 5 Muscle-building Exercises!

Want to work on building healthy muscles?  We wanted to share these 5 great exercises we found for you to try out! Remember, we at always want you to be safe and healthy as you workout!  Don’t try these

Worried about Getting Older? #GetHappy

Are you finding that time is “catching up” with you?  Are there days when you look in the mirror and think, “Who is that old person?”   You’re not alone!  But the GREAT news is that these can be your

Living Healthy – Feeding Your Mind

Our minds are where the “magic” begins for #optimal health.  The Apeiron Center focuses much on the mind and on retraining our thoughts to positively affect our overall health. tells us that: People who have good emotional health are

Healthy Stretching

As we recently discussed here on Dr. Life’s website, getting to the gym is a great option for #optimalhealth and wellness goals! Don’t stop there, though!  Make sure you’re working towards healthy toning and workouts through following up afterwards with