Monthly Archives: September 2016

Got 10 minutes?

Workouts can be tricky to fit in, though there are so many other things that we make time for!  Instead of settling for a day going by without finding time to exercise and move, try one of these quick 10-minute

Five ways to Build Stamina

As we age, stamina is one of the things that sadly falls by the wayside.  Dr. Life wants you to know that it does not have to be that way!!! There are plenty of things that you can do to

Benefits Series: Coconut Oil

Have you started using coconut oil?  There is so much research available on the benefits and healthy reasons to use coconut oil!  Today we wanted to bring you the top 4 benefits that we liken to using coconut oil, as

How the Seasons effect your DNA

What does your DNA have to do with the changing seasons?  A lot, actually!  According to Chris Wallace of Cambridge University, there is a distinct effect of the length of the day on your genes!  For instance, when your body is

Genomic “Fun”

Recently, Dr. Life shared his new endeavor with The Apeiron Center as part of their staff to encourage human potential and #optimalhealth through the human genome.  Today, we wanted to offer you two different resources as you continue to understand

Soul Food

We’ve discussed many ways to help our minds get to their #optimal functioning and health.  Our minds are not only incredibly complex, they house the “central station”, so to speak, of every function in our bodies! Without the healthy of

Ayurvedic Tips for Drinking Water

Do you drink water?  Of course you do!  Human beings are about 60% water, and we constantly need to replenish liquids, especially after workouts and strenuous activity. Do you drink water… correctly?  Yes, there is a correct way to do