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#optimalhealth Coaching with the Apeiron Center

Are you looking for #optimalhealth, but don’t know where to begin?  Have you been wondering about #genomics and all the possibilities available to us through this amazing new field of human potential medicine?  As Dr. Life teamed up with the

Healthy for the Holidays – Thrive, don’t just Survive!

Our purpose in establishing a set of Healthy Holiday #optimalhealth goals is so that we can THRIVE and deeply enjoy this holiday season, rather than give in to old patterns and simply SURVIVE. What are you going to do, especially

New Year, New Goals

It’s that “time of year”.  Did you know that January is the biggest enrollment season for fitness clubs and gyms?  That’s not a bad thing, but what about sticking with your #optimalhealth goals for the year?  Here are some great

Need more energy? Check your mitochondria!

Big words, we know.  Over on the Apeiron Center blog, Dr. Dan Stickler and the staff of highly trained professionals (including Dr. Life!) are helping us to understand and know more and more about the genomics of our bodies.  (Look

Healthy for the Holidays – Find Time

So the holidays are a very busy season for all of us.  No matter where you live in the world, you have some season of holiday that probably includes a lot of eating, visiting, celebrations, and time spent OUT of

New Year, New You

Can you believe that we’re gearing up to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017?!  So much has happened here at through the year and as we prepare for a new series on how to welcome in

Genomics – An insider’s view

In the field of genomics there are so many amazing insights and opportunities!  Take 15 minutes today and watch this TED talk from Juan Enriquez as he describes the incredible potential human genomics can bring to us.

Healthy for the Holidays – Managing Stress

As we continue with our Healthy for the Holidays challenge, we come to the inevitable…S T R E S S . Yes, despite careful planning, delegating, positive thinking, and intentionality, stress still comes to each of us.  Here are some

How your DNA affects your appetite

As we continue to dive deeper into understanding “genomics” and the way that our preprogrammed DNA affects our #optimalhealth, so many new insights are coming forth as to how we can “retrain” and work WITH our own bodies genetic code

Benefits of Good Walking Shoes

Do you love to walk as much as we do?!  One of the most important considerations for walking, considering you’re using your feet, is what kind of shoe you put on first.  Are you needing extra arch support?  Is there

Healthy for the Holidays – Exercising

How about an exercise challenge for your December?  Don’t forget to enjoy eating healthy and visiting with family and friends, but your body still needs to be moved and improved this season! We’ve gathered some unique and, dare we say