Monthly Archives: March 2017

Mindmapping and How it Can Help YOU!

As we age, our minds need stimuli and “exercise” to stay sharp and focused. Here’s a technique to keep your brain focused and help prioritize your goals! MindMapping “A mindmap is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mindmap

Building muscle after 50

Are you struggling to find ways to build muscle as a 50+ person? Check out these helpful tips for taking charge of your #optimalhealth and watch those muscles begin to build!  Remember, always work towards your #optimalhealth goals under the

Workout motivation

Struggling to maintain your workout routine? What’s standing in your way? Do you keep saying, “I’ll do it later” day after day? Listen to Alex from Modern Health Monk help us with some psychology to keep MOVITAVED in pursuing that

Well-being and epigenetics

We’ve discussed the idea of stress here at when it relates to management and focus, but did you know that prolonged stress can actually affect the inner workings of your physical state? In this Apeiron Center podcast with Dr.

Importance of Individualized Medicine

Have you been listening to our discussion of genomics and individualized medicine?  Take a few minutes and learn more about this incredible field of genomics and how it may affect you in the near future!  Dr. Life continues to collaborate