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How much is enough?

  Are you wondering about exercise and how much you really need?  That totally depends on what you’re trying to do!  Read on for our best tips. Maintain According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult needs to get 150

Watch the Salt!

Are you watching your salt intake?  Did you know that eating a diet high in sodium is a key factor to high blood pressure, which can lead to major heart issues later on?  So what’s the big deal with sodium

The “Stick with it Diet”

Don’t fall prey to every new diet fad out there! Dr. Daniel Stickler of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential talks about the dangers of what he calls “yo-yo dieting” and gives a great alternative for those of us who

Snack attack… healthy options

Fighting that mid morning or afternoon craving? Just can’t seem to keep yourself from snacking? Tone down the breakfast and lunch portions and let yourself have a healthy snack to make it through the afternoon or until lunchtime! Here are

Workouts at home

No time for the gym? Budget a little tight? Rainy spring weather keeping you in? Here are our top 3 favorite indoor workouts! You can keep right on track with your #optimalhealth goals and workout right at home!  As always, make

Meal prep for healthy lunches

Want to avoid that noontime decision point? Try prepping a week’s worth of lunches on the weekend to keep your #optimalhealth goals as you move through the workweek!  It only takes a few hours on a lazy Saturday or quiet

Resistance Band Workout

Want a little different version of a workout?  Here’s some easy ways to use the resistance band to get a GREAT workout!  Doesn’t take much time and there’s no expensive equipment required! Do it anywhere!!! All you need is a