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Dealing with Celiac’s? How about some tips?

When it comes to watching your diet, nothing is more important that considering your overall health! When you’re dealing with a disease like Celiac’s on top of that, much more caution and care is required. Any diet plan should be

Live Event with Dr. Life!

Are you in the West Virginia area?  Do NOT miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear Dr. Life at a live conference!  Click the link for ticket information.  Hurry!  The space is limited!

How to find the perfect nutrition ratio

Not all diets are equal. Did you know there’s a best “percentage” of fats, carbs, and proteins based on what your #optimalhealth goals are? There is! Read on to get the scoop on these recommendations and make sure you discuss

4 Great Arm Workouts

Have a little extra jiggle in your step? Want to tighten up those arms and show them off this summer? Add these awesome arm workout techniques and routines to your weekly exercise plan and watch those jiggles turn solid! Want

Tired? Maybe you need to improve your sleep patterns!

Do you feel tired and groggy all the time? Always reaching for that second cup of coffee in the morning? You might be dealing with sleep deprivation! Put it on your list to chat with your doctor next time you’re