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4 Fitness Apps That Will Improve Your Health This Summer

It’s never too late to start getting your fitness goals back on track. As summer gets closer and closer, you might be starting to think about how you can get back in shape. You don’t need a gym membership or a

5 Nutrition Tips to Use Before Running Your First 5k

An orange has 116% of your daily nutrition needs. This is extremely helpful when preparing for your first 5k. Why would an orange be useful? We are going to go over why you should be eating an orange a day and

Biohacking: Everything You Need to Know

It’s estimated that thousands of people across the globe have magnetic implants. Welcome to biohacking. The term is just as controversial as the practice, with critics denouncing it as dangerous and advocates claiming it has the potential for every cure imaginable. However,

3 Anti-Aging Tips to Increase Your Overall Health

There’s a reason people have been obsessed with the Holy Grail for hundreds of years, we simply don’t want to age. We want the strength and beauty that we once possessed, and we’re going to fight tooth and claw to