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The Best Way to Keep Fit Changes as You Age

The effect of exercise on health is profound. It can protect you from a range of conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But the type and amount of exercise you should do changes as you age. To ensure that you

When It Comes to Health, Muscle Mass Matters

Most doctors use BMI to assess health, which is overlooking a major vital sign – muscle mass.

The Aging Story – Aging and Mitochondria Health

Maintaining cellular health involves preserving the functionality of cell structures (specifically, mitochondria). With all structures working at their best, the cell is able to perform its numerous jobs efficiently and effectively. Mitochondria are key structures within your cells that, when

The Heart Risk that Comes with Winter

A new study in the journal JAMA Cardiology found that there’s a big jump in heart attacks when the forecast includes cold temperatures, a strong wind, low sunlight, and low pressure in the atmosphere. They found that heart attack rates increase most when the