FAQ’s on CIMT Testing

Frequently asked questions about Carotid Intima Media Thickness Testing (CIMT)

Health – You Can Hack It

If your health fails, it can overshadow everything else that’s going on in your life. From relatively minor health issues such as aches and pains, lethargy, and indigestion to major health problems that can threaten your existence, health can really

Scientists Show How Gratitude Literally Alters The Human Heart & Molecular Structure Of The Brain

The Facts: Scientists have discovered that feelings of gratitude can actually change your brain. Feeling gratitude can also be a great tool for overcoming depression and anxiety. Furthermore, scientists have discovered that the heart sends signals to the brain.

6 Different Types of Body Fat

There are many different ways to get rid of excess weight and we can easily find hundreds of studies and thousands of tips nowadays. But the problem is that a certain method can be helpful for one person and completely

The Best Way to Keep Fit Changes as You Age

The effect of exercise on health is profound. It can protect you from a range of conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But the type and amount of exercise you should do changes as you age. To ensure that you

When It Comes to Health, Muscle Mass Matters

Most doctors use BMI to assess health, which is overlooking a major vital sign – muscle mass.

The Aging Story – Aging and Mitochondria Health

Maintaining cellular health involves preserving the functionality of cell structures (specifically, mitochondria). With all structures working at their best, the cell is able to perform its numerous jobs efficiently and effectively. Mitochondria are key structures within your cells that, when

The Heart Risk that Comes with Winter

A new study in the journal JAMA Cardiology found that there’s a big jump in heart attacks when the forecast includes cold temperatures, a strong wind, low sunlight, and low pressure in the atmosphere. They found that heart attack rates increase most when the

How to Fight Holiday Stress

While ‘tis the season to be merry, for many of us, it’s also a season for stress, depression, anxiety, and angst, which can lead us to behave in ways we’re sure to regret later.

The Biohackers Diet

BIOHACKING DIET LESSON #1: USE NATURAL FOOD TO SUPPORT DIGESTION Sure, you can take probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other supplements to support digestion, but you should also get familiar with natural, east-to-afford foods that support digestion, including: Fresh carrot juice

Death by Inflammation

Death By Inflammation True or false? Over 50% of all heart attack and stroke patients have “normal” cholesterol. One in 30 female deaths are from breast cancer, while one in 2.6 are from cardiovascular disease. Nearly 2,500 Americans die of

Traditional Healthcare Needs a New Prescription

Remember Tim Russert? Chief of the Washington Bureau of NBC News and longtime moderator of Meet the Press, he was the preeminent political journalist of his generation. At the age of just 58, Mr. Russert died of a massive heart attack in

Healthy Tip: Plan Your Day

As soon as you wake up in the morning, think through where you are going to be eating, and how you will be able to access the food you need for five to six healthy meals. This might mean preparing

Rebooting Libido

Exercise Rekindles Desire

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Drink Water All The Time Many people ask themselves, “How much water should I drink?”  The Life Plan gives the answer to this question. One of the key factors to my personal fitness success isn’t just my workouts or optimizing