The Harmful Effects of Medication – Hormone Treatments and “Magic Anti-Aging Pills” May Not Be the Answer to Getting Old

Here at Dr. Life’s office, we have seen countless people seemingly defy the laws of time and return to their more youthful, vibrant selves. We have seen how powerful anti-aging medicine can be when used correctly. Unfortunately, not all anti-aging

Getting Old Part 2: How Does Aging Affect Your Overall Body Health, Sexual Function, and Zest for Life.

At Dr. Life’s Office we have helped many people take control of their aging process. In this article we are going to go over some of the common changes which can occur in the human body while it is aging.

Getting Old Part One: How Does Aging Affect Your Hormones, Body Appearance, and Energy Levels?

Aging is an undeniable force of nature. As you grow older, your body can go through many changes in physical constitution. Your energy output, hormone levels, and even facial features can alter markedly during the aging process. In this post


Each individual has a unique set of DNA that sets him or her apart from everyone else. While this creates a wonderfully diverse world, it also creates many unknowns when it comes to health. MyGenetx uses genetic and chemical testing

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Anti-Aging: Results and Testimonials

Dr. Life’s innovative age management program has created positive and life changing results for his many followers. In fact, the program was designed by Dr. Jeffry Life, MD, PhD, FAAFP, after he changed his own lifestyle using the same techniques

There are many anti-aging myths out there. We break down the five most common misconceptions about age management and explain how Dr. Life can help you.

Five Common Misconceptions About Anti-Aging

It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to anti-aging treatment. Dr. Life has created an innovative age management system based on his extensive expertise and personal experiences revitalizing his health. In the following blog, we

3 Important Steps to Getting Healthy after 60

Anti-Aging Today

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The Bale/Doneen Method: Why It’s Cutting Edge, Why It’s Important, Why It’s Better Than the Normal Form of Heart Disease Treatment

As we mature, our risk of developing certain diseases and conditions increases. Many of these age related issues can be frightening, but none is more lethal than heart attack and stroke. In fact, it is currently the number one killer

The History of Anti-Aging

The ability to influence longevity and quality of life are not novel concepts – in fact, they have been around for centuries. Ancient texts dating back to about 2100 BCE even refer to the idea of life extension. The notion

What is Anti-Aging and Where Did It Come From?

As we age, we start to notice changes in our minds, bodies, and health. You may feel more tired, you may gain excess weight, or your sex drive may decrease. As research on aging has advanced, people are looking to

How Do Hormone Levels Affect the Body and Aging?

Have you seen changes in your mind and body as you begin to mature? Are you disappointed by the fatigue, weight gain, or lack of energy that you may be experiencing? Do you wish you had the sexual function you

What Are Hormones?

If you are tired of looking and feeling old, Dr. Life’s innovative age management program is right for you. His revolutionary system of fitness and nutrition coaching, hormone optimization, and disease prevention will put you on the path to optimal

Get Mad, But Get Better

We are a culture of excess. Extra large coffees, super premium gasoline, first class airline tickets, turbo charged car engines, extra strength pain relievers and even double protein at your local restaurant. We want what we want, we want as

The Truth About Missing Sleep

When was the last time you had a great night’s sleep? You remember what that’s like, don’t you? You wake up rested, your body feels great, your muscles and mind are raring to go and you actually feel like you’re

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