4 Fitness Apps That Will Improve Your Health This Summer

It’s never too late to start getting your fitness goals back on track. As summer gets closer and closer, you might be starting to think about how you can get back in shape. You don’t need a gym membership or a

5 Nutrition Tips to Use Before Running Your First 5k

An orange has 116% of your daily nutrition needs. This is extremely helpful when preparing for your first 5k. Why would an orange be useful? We are going to go over why you should be eating an orange a day and

Biohacking: Everything You Need to Know

It’s estimated that thousands of people across the globe have magnetic implants. Welcome to biohacking. The term is just as controversial as the practice, with critics denouncing it as dangerous and advocates claiming it has the potential for every cure imaginable. However,

3 Anti-Aging Tips to Increase Your Overall Health

There’s a reason people have been obsessed with the Holy Grail for hundreds of years, we simply don’t want to age. We want the strength and beauty that we once possessed, and we’re going to fight tooth and claw to

Chair Yoga for Seniors: 3 Great Seated Poses

Yoga has significant health benefits like reducing stress, and improving your overall physical fitness, strength and even flexibility. Did you know that roughly 21 million people are doing yoga? The best part is, there are different types of yoga for folks that

Nutrition for Life: What to Eat for Longevity

Want to live a long, healthy life? Wonder what it takes to keep your body strong as you get older? Good nutrition is the key. What you eat has a direct impact on your health and well-being. Some foods promote

Biohacking Supplements: Do They Work?

Many people are using biohacking supplements to boost their health to new levels. But are the benefits of taking these supplements worth it? There are many products being introduced into the market that offer enhanced brain function and more energy

5 Superfood Snacks Everyone Can Enjoy

If you are interested in always having energy, even when on the go, you will need to find the foods that’ll be the most helpful. There are plenty of healthy superfood snacks that make it easy to get an energy

Top Tips to Help You Stick to Your Personal Fitness Goals

Made a New Year’s Resolution to actually start going to the gym this year? If so, you’re not alone — but the odds are stacked against you. In fact, while over 40% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution each year, about 80% of

Best Knee Strengthening Exercises for Seniors

As the body ages, our strength and joint health decrease. Much of these changes are due to age. Over time, our bodies wear out. It’s just part of life. One area of the body that takes a lot of abuse

5 Ways to Bio Hack Your Health

If you’ve recently searched online for ways to lose weight, sleep better, or relax more, you’ve likely come across articles referencing biohacking. The proliferation of articles on biohacking your health makes sense. These days, people want to know how to

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrigenomics Testing

Imagine a healthy lifestyle that’s customized to your genetic makeup. Nutrigenomics testing can steer you towards a healthier path that’s fit for you and your genes. Nutrigenomics does what its name suggests; it studies nutrition and genome. By investigating the relationship

Should You Try Natural HRT?

If you are thinking about engaging in natural therapies, you need to learn as much as you can about them. Natural hormone replacement therapy can be useful for anti-aging, fitness and a lot of different reasons. No matter what sort

5 Back Exercises for Seniors

To make sure that you are giving your back a chance to strengthen and sustain comfort, you’ll need exercises that’ll help. Seniors particularly need to be mindful of lower back issues, since lower back problems are on the rise — particularly for

5 Awesome Anti Aging Herbs

When it comes to anti-aging remedies, some people automatically think of painful cosmetic surgeries like face-lifts. But there are so many natural remedies to keep your youthful appearance without having to undergo any costly or unnecessary procedures. In this article, we’ll cover

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