Dr. Life Interview

Sometimes, you just need to bring back a classic.  This is one of our favorite interviews that Dr. Life did with Joe Miragliotta of JoesDaily.com.  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite.  Head over to read this one!  Then, hop

Need more energy? Check your mitochondria!

Big words, we know.  Over on the Apeiron Center blog, Dr. Dan Stickler and the staff of highly trained professionals (including Dr. Life!) are helping us to understand and know more and more about the genomics of our bodies.  (Look

Healthy Stretching

As we recently discussed here on Dr. Life’s website, getting to the gym is a great option for #optimalhealth and wellness goals! Don’t stop there, though!  Make sure you’re working towards healthy toning and workouts through following up afterwards with

Your Life Plan from Dr. Life

What if someone told you that you could have a tailor-made, uniquely designed plan for your life, fitness, and healthy aging process?  Well, those are exactly the goals that Dr. Life has for his patients!  We wanted to focus a

Sports Illustrated interview with Dr. Life

Dr. Life and his incredible transformation has garnered much attention from the media and medical professionals around the world.  A short time ago, Dr. Life sat down with Brad Popkin, of Edge and Sports Illustrated to discuss his views on

Getting Old Part One: How Does Aging Affect Your Hormones, Body Appearance, and Energy Levels?

Aging is an undeniable force of nature. As you grow older, your body can go through many changes in physical constitution. Your energy output, hormone levels, and even facial features can alter markedly during the aging process. In this post

How Do Hormone Levels Affect the Body and Aging?

Have you seen changes in your mind and body as you begin to mature? Are you disappointed by the fatigue, weight gain, or lack of energy that you may be experiencing? Do you wish you had the sexual function you

What Are Hormones?

If you are tired of looking and feeling old, Dr. Life’s innovative age management program is right for you. His revolutionary system of fitness and nutrition coaching, hormone optimization, and disease prevention will put you on the path to optimal