Workouts after 50

Are you looking to improve your workout routine? Should you focus on weights or cardio? How can you factor in strengthening a core that is growing more flabby? Here are 4 awesome tips for you to try this week! Work

Dr. Life Interview

Sometimes, you just need to bring back a classic.  This is one of our favorite interviews that Dr. Life did with Joe Miragliotta of  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite.  Head over to read this one!  Then, hop

Building muscle after 50

Are you struggling to find ways to build muscle as a 50+ person? Check out these helpful tips for taking charge of your #optimalhealth and watch those muscles begin to build!  Remember, always work towards your #optimalhealth goals under the

Need more energy? Check your mitochondria!

Big words, we know.  Over on the Apeiron Center blog, Dr. Dan Stickler and the staff of highly trained professionals (including Dr. Life!) are helping us to understand and know more and more about the genomics of our bodies.  (Look

New Year, New You

Can you believe that we’re gearing up to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017?!  So much has happened here at through the year and as we prepare for a new series on how to welcome in

Genomics – An insider’s view

In the field of genomics there are so many amazing insights and opportunities!  Take 15 minutes today and watch this TED talk from Juan Enriquez as he describes the incredible potential human genomics can bring to us.

How your DNA affects your appetite

As we continue to dive deeper into understanding “genomics” and the way that our preprogrammed DNA affects our #optimalhealth, so many new insights are coming forth as to how we can “retrain” and work WITH our own bodies genetic code

Using Nutrition to Boost Your Genes

Did you know that nutrition can affect your genes?  We wanted to share this post from The Apeiron Center and Director of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Michelle Ricker. Diet is believed to have a major influence on both the development and

Healthy for the Holidays – A Challenge

We are at the head of another holiday season.  So many of us are preparing for a season of family and friends, of eating and celebrating.  We here at Dr. Life want to encourage you in this preparation time as

Podcast: Liz Parrish on Extending Healthy Life

As Dr. Life continues in the quest for #optimalhealth using the breakthrough field of genomics and the incredible opportunities it can afford his clients, we continue to use this space to educate and inform you on the topic of what

Five ways to Build Stamina

As we age, stamina is one of the things that sadly falls by the wayside.  Dr. Life wants you to know that it does not have to be that way!!! There are plenty of things that you can do to

Genomic “Fun”

Recently, Dr. Life shared his new endeavor with The Apeiron Center as part of their staff to encourage human potential and #optimalhealth through the human genome.  Today, we wanted to offer you two different resources as you continue to understand

Still Smoke? Here’s help!

For those of us who are part of an older generation, we might still be hanging on to mindsets and habits that aren’t healthy anymore.  One of those issues that plagues our generation is a continuation of a smoking habit.

Find out the top four benefits of anti-aging. You can experience them for yourself as a Dr. Life patient or Life Club member.

Ideas for Meditation

As Dr. Life continues forward in his partnership with The Apeiron Center, we wanted to bring you some of their incredible resources and information. One of the biggest things we understand here at is that your #optimalhealth incorporates ALL

Need Some Inspiration? Here are 3 incredible stories…

Meet 90-year-old Bette Calman.  She was an active yoga teacher, teaching 11 classes a day, until age 87 and now works with her great-grandson in the yoga industry.  Her words of wisdom?  She told “She feels that a person’s