Each individual has a unique set of DNA that sets him or her apart from everyone else. While this creates a wonderfully diverse world, it also creates many unknowns when it comes to health. MyGenetx uses genetic and chemical testing in a laboratory setting to enhance the way that people are diagnosed and treated.

What MyGenetx Does

MyGenetx molecular and chemistry labs test the health of patients across the nation. By examining an individual’s DNA, physicians are able to determine a host of factors that impact both your current and future health. Through a simple blood or saliva sample, MyGenetx can determine a patient’s potential for issues such as chronic disease, cancer, and genetic disorders. It can also help physicians determine a patient’s response to medication before it is administered.

What MyGenetx Tests For

While the MyGenetx laboratories are equipped to handled customized testing panels, tailored to each patient, they also specialize in:

  • Chronic Disease Screening: When your physician partners with MyGenetx, they are able to properly diagnose, manage, and overcome many chronic illnesses, including:
    • Cardiovascular Disease: This is the number one killer of Americans, and potentially the entire world. With laboratory testing, your physician can determine your response to lifesaving medication, before it is administered.
    • Diabetes: Almost 400 million people worldwide have Diabetes, though many may be unaware of their condition. Through genetic testing, physicians can assess patients’ risk of Diabetes, as well as their risk for heart attack and stroke.
    • Coronary Heart Disease: MyGenetx can assess an individual’s risk for Coronary Heart Disease, even in those with no history of cardiovascular disease.
    • Periodontal Disease: Research shows that those with periodontal disease have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Thus, by testing oral bacteria, physicians can predict a patient’s potential for heart disease.
  • Oncology: Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis for both the patient and their family. Genetic testing can help predict a patient’s chances of developing this disease. By testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes within women, physicians can assess their risk of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer. When the gene is present, physicians can take proactive steps to avoid the development of cancer in their patients. In patients who do test positive for the BRCA gene, MyGenetx provides further testing options to identify additional gene mutations.
  • Pharmacogenetics: Each patient reacts differently to medication. By testing an individual’s unique genetic makeup, physicians are able to predict their patients’ reactions to certain drugs. This can avoid harmful side effects and the use of unnecessary medication.
  • Pregnancy Screening: MyGenetx offers non-invasive testing that helps to determine the risk of genetic disorders in unborn babies. This testing poses no risk to the mother or child.

As a Dr. Life patient, you will have full access to MyGenetx testing to help our team diagnose, treat, and manage your risk factors for disease. This testing represents one of our many tools to help you trump your genetics.

Experience The Benefits of MyGenetx

If you are concerned about your chances of developing a certain chronic illness or if you wonder whether you are at higher risk for certain types of cancer, this testing can put your mind at ease. To get started on your journey to healthier body and a younger spirit, contact Dr. Life today.