New Year… New Fitness

Happy New Year from all of us here at Dr. Life.  We wish you great success in your endeavors during 2017!  To begin this new year, here are our top 5 tips for setting fitness goals and sticking to them!  Also, we threw in a little motivation from some of our favorite fitness personalities.

Don’t like cardio?  Here.

Anti-cardio Workout from Men’s Fitness


Going for weight loss this year?

10 best workouts for weight loss from Men’s Fitness

1ade1dd6324d1b3b2697d5500da1bab6Yoga for men?  You bet.

5 Best Yoga poses for men.

Guide to Yoga for Men

5e989610e4b5558f7af2dc414f735246Want to try some 30-day challenges?  Go for it.



Advice from Bob Harper?  Sure.